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The Battle of Yongqiu was a battle in Yongqiu current Qi
756: Battle of Yongqiu, Battle of Marcellae, : LLC Books: 9781156002902: Books - Amazon.ca
An Lushan Rebellion - Camel with rider, earthenware, Tang dynasty
An Lushan Rebellion - Yang Guifei Mounting a Horse, by Qian Xuan (1235–
List of Chinese wars and battles
Zhang Xun (Tang dynasty) - Zhang Xun. Zhang Xun. Battle ...
Qin's Wars of Unification saw some of the bloodiest battles in history
Battle of Yongqiu的封面. 9786132665843
An Lushan Rebellion - Tang dynasty sancai pottery camel with a Sogdian groom
Battle of Suiyang, History of The An Lushan Rebellion of the Tang Dynasty (Part 6)
Xiang Yu
An Lushan - A Tang Chinese ceramic statuette of a Sogdian merchant
The Chinese beauty Yang Guifei, by Hosoda Eishi
This painting, in the manner of Li Zhaodao, from the 11th century, shows Emperor Xuanzong of Tang fleeing to Sichuan province from Chang'an to escape the ...
Tang dynasty poet Wang Changling.jpg
Military drums - The Old Guard Fife and Drum Corps re-enacts a scene from
China at War – From Ancient times to the Modern Day
Qin Dynasty war chariot in battle during the Warring States, Ancient China
Zhuge Liang, Chancellor of the Kingdom of Shu, leading the army at Wuzang Plain during the War of the Three Kingdoms, China. “
Chinese Taiping rebels
Meng Tian & Fu-su
Liu Yun (governor)
Battle between the Chu State and the Qin State, Warring States Period, Ancient China
Chinese infantry on the march into Mongolia to fight the Huns, Han–Xiongnu War
Han Jue
Qin Dynasty Warriors - BCE - Qin Soldier's Armor, based on the examples of armor excavated from the Emperor Qin's Terracotta Warrior pits.
Death toll[edit]
Three Kingdoms period (220–280 AD)
Dian Wei
The army of the Qin state under the command of Qin Shi Huang, advances into battle against the Chu in 223 BC. Artwork by Giuseppe Rava.
1234, Siege of Caizhou, The Mongol Empire and the Song Dynasty decisively defeat the Jin Dynasty,fall of the Jin Dynasty.
Per section "Qi Yu" of "Guo Yu", Qi Lord Huan'gong (r. 685-643 BC), who proclaimed himself a 'hegemony lord' in 679 B.C. according to Shi-ji, ...
Sogdian donors to the Buddha (fresco, with detail), Bezeklik Thousand Buddha Caves, eastern Tarim Basin, China, 8th century
Battle of Ane
building the Great Wall ~ Yang Hsien-min
Revisiting the Three KingdomsRevisiting the Three Kingdoms Contents Looking Back Looking Forward 1 Cao Cao's Ambition ...
Guo Ziyi
building the Great Wall
Jin dynasty (265–420), the Southern Dynasties (420–587), the Sixteen Kingdoms (304–439) and the Northern Dynasties (386–581)
One chapter is focused on the Huns, with a comprehensive overview of the relationship between the Sinitic ...
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Tang dynasty poet Gao Shi.jpg
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Xiang Yu
An illustration of Cao Shen in the Sancai Tuhui
Military drums - A Chinese zhangu.
Battle of Zhongdu
The reign of Han Wudi BCE) represented not only the triumph of imperial centralism but also the high point of Han expansionism.
An illustration depicting the construction of the terra cotta army by Yang Hsien-min
Flight of the emperor
Other Names
Military drums - Drake's Drum, an icon of English folklore.
Zhang Liao
Escalade - Xi'an Scaling ladder in ancient China (replica)
Burning of books and burying of scholars, Qin Dynasty, Ancient China
An lushan rebellion 3 minute history
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Raistlin Majere Lore/Story, The War of the Lance (Part 5)
The artist Wang Kewei. He has a very good series of paintings dedicated.
Timeline of the Jin–Song Wars
Page 1
Battle of Bi - Battle of Bi
Lankao County
Page 1
Free and Easy (2016 film)
Illustration of another Ming crossbow volley fire formation. From Bi Maokang 畢懋康, Jun qi tu shuo 軍器圖說, ca. 1639.
Yoshitoshi illustrating one of Wang Changling's poems, 100 Aspects of the Moon #54, 1887.
Battle of Sarhu - Battle of Sarhu (1619)
Yangcheng County
Rotk 13 Fame & strategy - Part 9 Lu Bu faces defeat
Battle of Raszyn re-enactment, 2006
Yu the Great - Image: King Yu of Xia
Implosion of Yan Dynasty and end of the rebellion[edit]
A Mom's Quest to Teach: Q is for Qin Dynasty (Blogging through the Alphabet
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He Chaozong
Guo Ziyi - This image is from a book called "Wan xiao tang - Zhu
... Structure; 12.
Timeline of Chinese history
Heze Shenhui
Eighteen Arhats - Ink rubbing of the stele commissioned by Qianlong depicting Asita. The upper
Tang Dynasty's territory before An Lushan Rebellion
Guo Jing
Four Garrisons of Anxi - Khotanese tributary from Yan Liben's Wang hui ...
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... see this webmaster's discussion on the Huns, the Yuezhi, the Tarim Mummies, the Yuezhi-Yushi misnomer, the Mongoloid-Caucasoid admixture at 2000 B.C.E., ...
Protectorate General to Pacify the West - A historical map of northeast Xinjiang.
Great Flood (China) - Emperor Shun performs divination in the palace, with Yu